Horror Movies to Watch At Home

Horror Movies to Watch At Home

Horror and thriller movies are all-time favorites for people of all ages and the good thing is that you do not have to have a special occasion to watch these movies. All you need is the right mood and movie to have and you can enjoy an amazing thriller at home with a friend or your family members. You can also use these movies for a thematic movie night for Halloween and other holidays and enjoy them with your friends and family. During the pandemic outbreak, many of you must have watched a few of these movies as many of these amazing picks were released in the year 2020 during your time at home. 

Thriller movies also help you by becoming more than just a pastime and lets you dive into that movie and predict the outcome of movies. You can watch some amazing old thriller movies like North by NorthWest (1959), M (1931), The Silence of the Lambs (1991), Shutter Island (2010) and so many American Classics if you want to name. You can see if you can watch these amazing hits using your Satellite TV. Apart from that, you can have a look at these amazing Horror and Thriller movies and make the most of your time at home:  

The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It 

The movie is set in the year 1981 where Ed and Lorraine Warren who are demonologists documented an exorcism of an 8-year-old kid named David who was attended by his family and his sister, his sister’s boyfriend and Father Gordon in Connecticut. The family gets cursed by witchcraft and Ed and Lorraine are there to investigate the situation as it resulted in one of the first incidents involving the murder of a few people who were under a demonic position. 


The movie follows the story of four teenagers who were discussing the legend of a serial killer named Blissfield Butcher who used an ancient dagger called the La Dola. A student named Millie Kessler gets bullied at high school and performs as the school mascot at Blissfield Valley High School gets attacked by the butcher and he stabs Millie with his dagger unless Millie’s older sister who is a police officer arrives at the scene and scares the Butcher away. 

Later Millie and the Butcher find their bodies switched. Millie who is now the Butcher gets on a killing spree and starts taking down people who tormented Millie while Millie who is now trapped in the Butcher’s body is having a hard time proving her identity and her best friends Nyla and Josh are the only people who know who she really is. Now Millie is against time as she has to stab the Butcher with the La Dola dagger which is now with the police or the exchange becomes permanent. 

A Quiet Place Part II

The movie is about Aliens who cannot see but have hypersensitive hearing and have armored skin attack Earth and destroy a major population of the planet. Previously one of the deaf teenagers discovered that the aliens cannot stand high-frequency audio feedback and creates a makeshift method with which one can transmit the noise from the cochlear implants that she wears through portable microphones and speakers. The survivors, later on, discover that the creatures cannot swim as well. Now the survivors have to make their way to a nearby island and find refuge there and exploiting their newly discovered way of killing the creatures and surviving the mayhem. 

Dark Spell

The story is about a young wife named Zhenya who gets heartbroken when her husband leaves her and she gets desperate. She employs black and sinister magic which is called the “Black Wedding” in order to get her husband and his love back. Her husband named Kir comes back to her but this time his love for her becomes more frightening and twisted. Zhenya now embarks on a journey to find a way to reverse the irreversible spell and finds that even death will not get her part ways from each other. The movie is full of all sorts of dark moments and spine-chilling scenes and is perfect for people who are looking for a new kind of horror movie. 

The Dark and the Wicked

The movie is about distant siblings named Louise and Michael who came back to Texas to live with their father who is sick and gets bedridden attended by his wife and a nurse. The siblings, later on, discover that an unknown presence is looking forward to taking over their father’s body. The entity or compelling them to feel its presence and pushes them towards suicide and many unfavorable ways to end their lives. 

In the end, one can say that there are so many other movies that you can watch that will make you have a frozen spine. You can expect these movies and many others to be quite interesting to watch with families and friends for a movie night or on a holiday. 

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