10 Ways to Improve Your Plastic Storage Drawers

Plastic Storage Drawers

Plastic storage drawers can help you improve your environment and workflow. But how can you improve your storage drawers? 

There are many things you can do to upgrade your plastic storage drawers, depending on the environment you use them in. You can enhance your drawers for look and functionality in just a few simple steps!

To get your started, here are 10 easy ways you can improve your plastic storage drawers right now!

1. Paint or paper

A bit of paint can go a long way when it comes to making plastic storage drawers visually impactful. To improve the aesthetic of your storage system, use spray paint and patterned paper to add some colour. Your storage system will stand out from the crowd and tone with your décor. 

2. Extra storage

If just a storage drawer isn’t enough, add extra storage categories to your system with a draw insert. These systems can be used to break your drawer up into sections for extra organisation. These systems are especially popular for small items, like nails and screws or makeup and hair clips. 

3. Numerical system

A numbered system is great for optimal organisation! Take your plastic storage drawers to the next level by adding numbers that correspond with what you’re storing. You can create number stickers that match your aesthetic goals while also serving a practical purpose for overall storage and organisation. 

4. Disguise as drawers

Did you know that you can make plastic storage drawers look like real drawers? With just a splash of paint, a touch of wallpaper, and a door-handle add-on, you can make your plastic drawers look like traditional wooden drawers, all for a fraction of the price. 

5. Stencil art

Stencil art is a great way to add personality to plastic storage drawers. If you’re keen to liven up your space and storage system, choose a funky stencil and a bright paint colour to add a fun and unique design. 

6. Fresh with fabric

Paint and paper aren’t your only upcycling options. Add colour and visual appeal to your plastic storage drawers by covering them in a patterned fabric. This is great for creating softer spaces and adding a design flat to your environment. 

7. Combine systems

When one storage drawer system isn’t enough, try two! You can combine plastic storage drawer systems in unique ways, setting up multiple drawers together to create a comprehensive storage system. 

8. Clear labels

The best organisation systems are clear and comprehensive. Make sure you never forget what you’re keeping in plastic storage drawers by labelling your drawers clearly. If you’re looking for extra aesthetic appeal, try a fancy calligraphy font! 

9. Drawer liners

Drawer renovations can be simple. To quickly and easily give your storage drawers a new look, use wallpaper or patterned paper to line the inside of your storage drawers. The lining will show through the plastic and protect the drawers from marks. 

10. Mix and match

Looking to make an impact with your plastic storage drawers? If you’re using drawers in different spaces, you can mix and match design styles and improvement hacks, trying different techniques and colours. This adds great diversity to your environment and is a lot of fun! 

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