Everything You Should Know About Cashless Network Hospitals

Everything You Should Know About Cashless Network Hospitals

Due to rising healthcare costs, many people are turning to health insurance to pay their bills. Health insurance benefits those who want the best medical care without paying skyrocketing hospital fees for even minor treatments. The insured person would still have to pay the annual premium, which is usually very high, especially for people over 30.

A cashless claim allows the policyholder to avoid hospital bills up to the sum insured limit. Hospital bills are paid by health insurance. Cashless hospitalisation makes healthcare more affordable by eliminating the need to pay hospital admission fees and treatment costs. This facility is only available at network hospitals/registered hospitals/partner hospitals/nursing homes. Now you can even get cashless health insurance online. *

Health insurance companies usually partner with network hospitals, allowing insured members to receive top-notch care on a deferred payment basis.

How do cashless network hospitals work?

Cashless network hospitals operate like non-partner hospitals. Insured patients can receive free care at the nearest network hospital. Room rent, admission, treatment, ambulance, and doctor/specialist fees are included. You can read about these benefits on a health insurance app. *

Your sum insured limit could cover hospital bills. Health insurance would cover all the above expenses (except particular treatments not covered by your insurance company). The insured person simply informs the network hospital that their health insurance policy covers cashless treatment and they would like to proceed. First, you must present your health insurance policy or health card. This is part of your health insurance benefits. *

Cashless network hospital benefits

Emergency, or routine hospitalisation can be stressful for patients and families. Today, private hospitals require periodic payments, forcing families to juggle exorbitant bills to continue receiving quality medical care. *

After treatment or discharge, your health insurance company will pay all medical bills with cashless hospitalisation. You can receive treatment if the insured is hospitalised away from home. Most health insurance companies offer cashless treatment in network hospitals nationwide without billing. Network hospitals are a lifeline in emergencies and financial hardships. Insured members receive quality care without cost. *

Cashless network hospital health claim?

Below is the cashless claim process. The process varies for different insurance providers:

For cashless hospitalisations, you must notify your health insurance company. Within 24 hours of hospital admission, notify your health insurance company of any emergency surgery or procedure. This is standard procedure if you buy health insurance online. Some health insurance providers give insured members health cards for cashless medical treatment at network hospitals. *

Network hospitals treat insured patients without payment. Your health insurance company would send the insured person all the medical expenses and any co-payments or exclusions. The insurer’s website lists network hospitals in your area.

Hospital cashless network limitations

Cashless treatment covers many procedures, but your health insurance company may not cover hospitalisation costs for certain exclusions. Namely, these will not be a part of your health insurance benefits. *

Here are some exclusions:

  • War-related hospitalisations due to chemical reactions, weapons, and radiation
  • Hospitalization for suicide, self-harm, or other deliberate attempts
  • Personal conveniences
  • Alcohol/drug-related hospitalisation
  • Hospitalisation for HIV/AIDS, unless stated in the policy
  • The policy mentions mental disorders and congenital diseases
  • Non-medical items, supplements, glasses, etc.


Make sure your next health insurance policy covers cashless hospitalisation in-network. It will ease the financial burden of illness, surgery, or hospitalisation. Check the policy coverage and limitations wording before you buy health insurance online

We hope this article has given you an idea about cashless network hospitals. With this information, you can take all the benefits that your health insurance offers.

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Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.