What is the Electrical Harness Design Course?

What is the Electrical Harness Design Course?

In automobile industries, the electrical harness/wiring holds great significance. It generally deals with the construction mechanisms of vehicles and automobiles. Electrical Harness is the mechanism that includes the wiring of pieces of machinery in the harness in place of loose wires. This is done so to keep the model of the vehicles well and organized. Wire harness protects the cable wires from the outer damaging factors as these are made up of thermoset or thermoplastics. The electrical harness is one of the most crucial parts of the automobile industry. 

This field has a great scope in the near future. That’s why various institutes offer electrical harness design courses for those seeking a career in the vehicle industry. The course is all about learning the block interconnect diagrams, generating operational block diagrams, and setting up of catalog library, etc. of the vehicles. Additionally, the course will guide you to prepare the 3D CAD models of harnesses. 

Course Structure of Electrical Harness Designing 

This overall course includes several modules in which you will learn about different things about the entire electrical harness design.  

  1. Basics of Product and Manufacturing Engg

This is the first and the most basic part of this course. Under this module, you will learn about the classifications, assembling, and electrical parts of vehicles. 

  1. Basics of Electricals

This module is a little from the previous one. In this module, the things you will learn are: 

  • Creating wiring designs
  • Major functions of auto parts and their specification and many more.
  • About the types of construction, evolution, and connectors
  • Selection, database search, material specifications, etc. 
  1. NPI (New Product Introduction)

Under this coursework, the students can learn things such as:

  • Principles of wiring designs, team duties, and responsibilities. 
  • Nomenclature of auto parts, the BOM, the subsystems, etc. 
  1. Electrical CAD (Creo 2.0, CATIA, Schematics, Cabling, RSD)

The things you will learn under this most important module are as follows: 

  • Schematic designs, techniques for electrical harness designs, 2-D CAD, preparation and configuration of catalog library
  • Making functional block diagrams 
  • Making circuit and wiring diagrams, 3D CAD electrical
  • Analysis of CAE for stiffness and efficiency
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Creating the instrumentation and process design figures
  1. Quality Standards
  2. Six Sigma (Theory and Practical): DFSS&DMAIC
  1. VE&VA and Overview of PDM/PLM
  1. Employability Enhancement and Soft Skills

This module will teach you about communication skills, quality standards, project management, time management, MS Office, interview skills, etc.

Closing Words

This field requires good expertise in the vehicles’ functional knowledge. The wiring harness is presently in its elevated phase and doing excellent. Students who want to make their career in the automotive industry can go through this course at any stage of their engineering career. But if students with a career background in electronics, electrical, E&TC, and Mechanical, can learn and perform better in this automotive field. The individual opting for this course should be enough efficient to create highly efficient, cost-effective, and innovative designs. The course is perfect for those who are passionate about electrical concepts and who want to be an expert in this field.