Facilities Available in Pune that make it ideal place to rent a house in Pune

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The benefits of choosing arent house in Pune area are many and varied. A lot of these can be attributed to its proximity to the city, but also for its nearness to other prominent cities as well as the wide range of educational institutions present in this region. The Pune region provides some wonderful facilities including schools, hospitals and interesting places of worship that make it a perfect target for those who want their children to grow up in an enriching environment. These include the Indian School and Junior College which is run by ISKCON International, Hindu School, NavodayaVidyalayaSamiti (NVS) and KendriyaVidyalaya that offers quality education at affordable rates.

 Access to all location

The location of Pune has made life interesting for residents as well as tourists. They have easy access to the city and can reach almost any place in the state within minutes. People from the District.Latur, Sholapur, Kolhapur and other areas of Maharashtra can easily reach Pune by air and road. The transport system is quite efficient and runs on time, which makes it easy to plan important things like business meetings and family get-togethers within a short span of time. Stanzaliving is the best place to buy.

The Pune region has some of the best educational institutions in India that are very affordable and provide quality education. Thanks to the top-notch facilities that these educational institutions offer, many students are drawn to them from all over the country. At times, it is difficult to decide which educational institution should be chosen as parents want their children to get admission in a school that can offer excellent education at moderate costs. The Pune region offers such schools as St. Joseph’s High School, Shree Swaminarayan Jain MandirVidyalaya, Hindu Jain Vishwavidyalaya, St. Augustine College for Women, Vibhuti Narayan PunthiVidhyalaya and many others like this.

 Best Schools and Universities

The Pune University located in this area is a renowned educational institution that attracts students from all over the country. The university is well-known for offering excellent education at reasonable rates. Apart from this, Pune is also the home of a number of other top educational institutions like the Government College and High School, St. Augustine College for Women, Shree Kshetra Sri DnyaneshwarMahavidyalaya, SNDT Women’s Polytechnic College, Rizvi College of Engineering and Sciences, Pune University Institute of Management Studies (PUIMS) and Global Institute of Management Development (GIMD). These colleges offer courses in arts, science and engineering that are recognized by various educational institutions around the country.

The large number of students in Pune also makes it easy to find a good job with better pay. The inflow of fresh talent into the region ensures that employers are well provided for and can offer good salaries to their employees.

 Top Hospitals

The facilities available in Pune include hospitals like Ozone Hospital and Govt. General Hospital, cultural and religious centers like Deccan Jyoti Society, Shree SwaminarayanMandir, Shri Ram JawaharMaharajMandir and Ganesh Ghat, lakes like SandipaniVadi and Shankar Vadi, markets like Bhandarkar Market, Central Pune City Market (CPCM), Waghode market and Pune Suburban Market that can be easily accessed by the public. The city is also home to a number of festivals including Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganesh Utsav, Durgashtami etc. These are celebrated with enthusiasm.There are also a number of private and government hospitals located in this area such as SKM Hospital, Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital and Research Center that provide top-notch treatment and care for patients. The climate in this region is moderate and quite pleasant throughout the year. This is why a lot of people have decided to settle in the area.

Proximity to beautiful places

Another huge advantage of living in Pune region is the proximity to some of the most beautiful beaches in the state, including Alibaug, Kihim, Murud-Janjira and Mandwa. Some of them are just a few hours away from Pune. The region is also well-connected to almost all parts of the country by roadways as well as railways.There are also a number of private and government hospitals located in this area such as SKM Hospital, Dr LH Hiranandani Hospital and Research Center that provide top-notch treatment and care for patients. The climate in this region is moderate and quite pleasant throughout the year. This is why a lot of people have decided to settle in the area.

Less Chaos and hassle

 The top-most benefit that a Pune resident enjoys is the proximity to the city without the chaos and hassle that come with it. It is a peaceful part of the state and has good connectivity with the rest of Maharashtra. Public transport is also quite efficient and available on time, which makes it easy to undertake important things like meeting friends, going shopping and maintaining regular visits to your close ones.

Interesting places to visit

 Being the hub of education and growth in the state, the Pune region has a lot of interesting places for people to visit and explore. Some of the most interesting places include Bute Museum, Anjani Vilas Palace, Nana Peth, SomeshwarMahadev Temple and Godi Park. Apart from these, the region also has a number of religious places that attract devotees from all over Maharashtra. The proximity to the city makes it easy for residents to visit these places and thus enjoy the facilities they have to offer.

 Good housing units

The availability of good housing units in this area is another benefit that attracts people to settle here. There are a lot of real estate agencies and developers in Pune who promise quality homes at reasonable rates with all amenities like schools, hospitals, parks and entertainment centers within walking distance. The residents of Pune can avail these facilities whenever they wish. Stanzalivingis the best place to visit.


Pune is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state and it is estimated that there will be 25 lakh new residents by 2031. This growth should make life easier for people who have chosen to settle here and they will not have any problem finding a good accommodation or job in no time. The place also has some very famous tourist attractions which are worth visiting, so a lot of people get attracted because of this and choose to stay here.The availability of educational institutes, hospitals, transport facilities, cultural and religious centers etc., makes this region a good place for the families who want to live peacefully with their children.A cosmopolitan city with a low crime rate and lovely weather, Pune is a comprehensive package for an investor’s delight.